The Local Eatery

669 N 13th Street, A 102
Easton, PA 18042



The Local Eatery

We created the concept of “Modern Italian dishes with a fusion flare.” Half of our menu is Italian while the other is a blend of American-style dishes and dishes from other cultures. We would like to incorporate the “local” area into our culture with local schools and historic sites as some of the focus and themes of the ambiance we are creating. With 26 years of cooking experience, Executive Chef Salvatore Cardamuro brings his passion and creativity to every dish he makes. What really excites us is meeting all the wonderful locals and anyone visiting the area. We want patrons to have the personal experience of meeting the owner and staff and feeling at home. Eating out is an experience, not just another meal. The personal attention we provide is what separates The Local Eatery from places that consider you just a number.

We will be rolling out our catering menu for all occasions. You can even customize the menu to fit your needs. We are also now serving gluten-free pasta, pizza, and bread for sandwiches. Vegan options are available as well. We will still be working in conjunction with The County Seat to provide food for their patrons. We have an incredible working relationship that goes both ways. Their owners and staff are top notch and we look forward to continuing our partnership together. There will be more collaboration moving forward. The Simon Silk Mill is a destination that has much to offer and we want to bring people to experience all it encompasses from all the amazing businesses located here. Easton is known for its amazing restaurants. We want to cement ourselves as a place to congregate and join the other terrific establishments in the area. Hence our slogan, “Where food and friends meet.”