Separatist Beer Project

1247 Simon Boulevard, N 108
Easton, PA 18042



Separatist Beer Project

​We are were (but still kind of are) a gypsy brewery. We brew under the roof of another brewery that we respect and trust. We practice our craft on some of the finest and most technologically advanced equipment that has ever been invented. Occasionally, we pack our bags and collaborate with friends in forward thinking fermentation. Now we have found our home in Easton, PA and are brewing more frequent, but even small batches of beer.

We ensure every part of our beers, from the packaging to ingredients, are as serious as we are. We support local hop farms, Pennsylvania malt-houses and other farmers to provide us with special ingredients (like honey, maple syrup, herbs, and spices) that are unique to our region.

​We search for the outlandish while respecting the balance of culinary flavors. Beer is food, and our food is good. Each of our offerings is crafted to pique your interests, excite your senses, and challenge your tastebuds. We want to create a sensory experience that provides sustenance for your soul.